september 25, 2022
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dear visitor,

a little history: the year is 2010. i am sitting in the basement of the visual arts building at Purchase College where I studied studio art. i was a photography student but more importantly i had recently become obsessed by questions about the world wide web. images were becoming something different. my relationship to computation was changing. only a few years earlier apple rid the phone of "all the buttons" and introduced the screen only iphone. tactility changed. there was discussion of the immateriality of this new hyper-networked world but it was misleading. i made an artwork that i still think is my best work...

it is called website with the sound of its own making which you can find on a compact disc at Printed Matter. it is a digital response to "box with the sound of its own making" by Robert Morris. someone on the internet once told me that RM would be rolling in his grave if he found out about this website but i disagree.

since making that cd i have written and worked on the following: Who Cares? published in the Annual 2021, Complication of the Computer Mouse (Annotated) published on FuturePoem's, Complication of the Computer Mouse published in Queer.Archive.Work's Urgency Reader 2, Close To The Metal published in Real Life Magazine, The Dada of All Demos while an artist in residence at CultureHub, The Mouse Holds Us while a graduate student, and The Computer Mouse Conference with Ashley Jane Lewis.

my current bio goes something like this:

emma rae bruml norton is a PhD student in NYU's Media, Culture, and Communication department. She studies histories of computing through philosophy of technology. She has taught interdisciplinary courses in the Code as a Liberal Art program at The New School, the Computer Science department at NYU, The School for Poetic Computation and the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers.

watch your step,