february 26, 2022
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dear visitor,

you have reached the homepage of emma rae bruml* norton. welcome. i practice programming, writing, research, and teaching. since 2018 i have maintained a study of the computer mouse. put another way, i study the space between humans and computers.

here are some things i would like to share with you now that you are here: i'll start in 2010 when i made website with the sound of its own making which you can also find on a compact disc at Printed Matter. wwtsoiom was made as a digital response to "box with the sound of its own making" by Robert Morris. someone on the internet once told me that RM would be rolling in his grave if he found out about this website but i disagree.

in addition to writing websites i write essays, including: Who Cares? published in the Are.na Annual 2021, Complication of the Computer Mouse (Annotated) published on FuturePoem's future-feed.net, Complication of the Computer Mouse published in Queer.Archive.Work's Urgency Reader 2, and Close To The Metal published in Real Life Magazine.

in addition to writing essays i perform essays on websites including: The Dada of All Demos while an artist in residence at CultureHub, and The Mouse Holds Us while a graduate student at NYU.

in addition to performing essays on websites i organize The Computer Mouse Conference with Ashley Jane Lewis. Stay tuned for details on our THIRD conference (Winter 2023).

in addition to organizing conferences on computers i teach computers as part-time faculty at The New School's Code as a Liberal Art program, NYU Computer Science, and Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts.

in addition to teaching computers at universities i co-organize an artist-run school about computers called The School for Poetic Computation.

watch your step,

*i'm in the process of changing my last name to this one. if you would like to get inn touch you can message me on twitter @daddyofdada